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Subject:MarkMail: Powered by Apache James
From:Jason Hunter (
Date:Nov 7, 2007 6:36:48 pm

Some of you may have seen my announcement this morning on community@ about MarkMail, a new email archiving service.

Apache James lives at the heart of the email ingestion pipeline, and I wanted to write in here to say thanks to the people who built such a useful tool. Having a Java-based extensible mail processor really simplified my life. If you see me at ApacheCon, let me know: I've got a T-shirt for you.

Funny story: It was when hitting some odd James behavior that MarkMail had its first "self hosting" moment. I noticed I could move files manually into the spool directory but they wouldn't be recognized until after a server restart. I searched on Google: "james server restart", "apache james server restart", and things like this. No luck. James is just too common a word. Then I remembered we'd loaded all the Apache emails onto our test system! Duh. So I tried "list:james restart respool".


I do have a lingering question whose answer I couldn't find in the archive:

* Is there any way to easily employ multiple match conditions (subject is X, sender contains Y) without setting up extra processors?